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  1. maintain noise performance: Asymmetrical non-directional tread pattern allows cross-rotation to maintain noise performan.
  2. high-speed stability and extra traction: Solid center rib designed for high-speed stability and extra tractio.
  3. enhances cornering stability: Continuous outer shoulder design enhances cornering stability.
  4. provide excellent hydroplaning resistance and wet traction: Four wide circumferential grooves provide excellent hydroplaning resistance and wet traction.
  5. promotes outstanding wet and dry traction: Innovative tread silica compound promotes outstanding wet and dry traction.
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195/45R15 78V1578VNO
195/45R16 XL 84V 1684VYES
205/45ZR16 XL 87W16 (ZR)87WYES
205/50ZR16 87W16 (ZR)87WNO
225/55R16 XL 99V1699VYES
205/50ZR17 XL 93W17 (ZR)93WYES
195/45R17 XL 85W1785WYES
205/45ZR17 XL 88W17(ZR)88WYES
215/55R17 XL 98W1798WYES
205/55R17 XL 95W1795WYES
215/45R17 XL 91W1791WYES
215/50ZR17 XL 95W17 (ZR)95WYES
225/50R17 XL 98Y1798YYES
225/45ZR17 XL 94W17 (ZR)94WYES
225/55R17 XL 101W17 101WYES
235/55ZR17 XL 103W17 (ZR)103WYES
245/45R17 XL 99W1799WYES
215/35ZR18 XL 84W18 (ZR)84WYES
215/45R18 XL 93W1893WYES
245/40R17 XL 95W1795WYES
225/40R18 XL 92Y1892YYES
225/45ZR18 XL 95W18 (ZR)95WYES
235/45ZR18 XL 98W18 (ZR)98WYES
245/40R18 XL 97W1897WYES
245/45R18 XL 100W18100WYES
255/35ZR18 XL 94W18 (ZR)94WYES
265/35R18 XL 97W1897WYES

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